I have an addiction. Its sad really. I love and collect cookbooks. All shapes, sizes and eras, all of them filled with information from the world over. My idea of a heavenly afternoon is sitting back and enjoying a cookbook all the way through until finally deciding on the one recipe to taste test, right then and there.

I especially enjoy vintage ones. Not because I like cooking from them, far from it! Usually the vintage ones have fantastic artwork, intriguing words, wonderful musty smelling paper and the most interesting recipes. Some of which either make you collapse in a puddle of pure delight or grimace with pure disgust!

To keep my collection to a manageable level I had to adopt a checklist of criteria:

  • Is it fun to read?
  • Does it take me to another time or place?
  • Does it enhance my knowledge and/or library of recipes?

That’s it. But you would be surprised how many do not fit this bill.

Since I have way more than any one person needs (over 75 at last count, not including my recipe cards, food magazines and other loose recipes I have acquired) I have decided to share them with all of you. Every Tuesday (or so) I will highlight one of them from my collection, either new or vintage.

None of my cookbooks are for sale – this is my personal collection. I just want others to view the interiors of them (so if they like them they can buy them on vintage websites, bookstores or thrift stores sight unseen), the recipes that are available (some are hilarious, some are gross and some are delicious) and discover the interesting world of vintage cookbooks (and cookbooks in general). Don’t ask me where to get any of these…I have no idea. I can only tell you where I bought my copy. I suggest you do a Google search first. But if you want a recipe out of one of these just ask me…I’m more than happy to help.

Cookbooks listed by year published:

1830 – American Frugal Housewife
1887 – The White House Cookbook
1913 – The People’s Home Library
1962 – Boston Cooking School Cookbook
1963 – General Foods – Joys of Jell-o
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – American Cooking
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – The Cooking of Provincial France
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – Chinese Cooking
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – The Cooking of Vienna’s Empire
1968 – Time Life Foods of the World – The Cooking of Italy
1971 – The Holiday Cookbook: Southern Living
1975 – Better Homes and Gardens – Homemade Cookies Cookbook
1976 – The Best of the Best by Arthur Hettich
1977 – My Cup Runneth Over – First United Methodist Church Cookbook
1995 – Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook
1996 – Magnetic Board Book
2001 – Gallery of Regrettable Food


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