Website has moved: you can now find this blog here -> or (direct link). Please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds/readers!!

I have officially changed the name of this here blog – it is now just Pieces of Earth. As such I also decided it was time for a new web address. So I have the domain name I bought – – to get you there or you can use the new WordPress address ( as I’m not hosting the website elsewhere at this time. Not enough traffic for that yet.

So why did I change the name? I was getting tired of people fumbling over the name as well as the address. Originally Pieces of Earth was my postcard blog (started in August 2007) and I really thought hard about that name. I really liked it. I liked the name so much, matter of fact, that when I was considering starting a food blog and needed a name I just couldn’t come up with anything better than the name I used for my postcard blog. That wouldn’t do. So I tacked on “Foods” thinking that made things better. Nope. Wrong. Needless to say with the amount of traffic to my original blog (16,682 to date) and the amount of people fumbling on the address and name…I had to change it. I had no choice. So I changed the name of my postcard blog and stole its address for my food blog. So be it. I should have done it a long time ago.

At any rate everything is still intact, comments remain, nothing has changed. Just the web site address and name. So please change your bookmarks and update your readers!!